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Title: 應劭《風俗通‧服妖》所見災異說及其意義
Other Titles: A Study on the Anomalies (Zaiyi) Theories in Fengsu tongyi
Authors: 黃啟書
Huang, Chi-shu
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 應劭所著《風俗通》原有30 卷,今惟見10 卷。國內外學者雖多有論述,但鮮及其災異說者。歷經學者輯佚,尚可考得〈服妖〉一篇得略窺其災異說之梗概。司馬彪《續漢書•五行志》曾言應劭、董巴、譙周等人並撰建武以來災異。但因《續志》向未明確標示何人論述?致使研究困難。本文以《風俗通•服妖》所見災異材料為核心,並參考該書其他篇章、《漢書注》等足以與災異觀念佐證材料,試圖鉤勒應劭災異說之大略面貌。進而論述佚文所見災異說定名為〈服妖〉是否妥當?並討論應劭災異說所呈現的特色與意義。
Fengsu tongyi of Ying Shao is the famous academic books in the Eastern Han dynasty.About the records of anomalies (zaiyi) in this books , scholars have collected 24 cases and named Fuyiao (weird clothing).This paper seeks to examine the anomalies theories of Ying Shao , discuss whether the name of Fuyiao is appropriate and examine the changes of anomalies theories in the Eastern Han by comparing with Fengsu tongyi , chenwei (mystical Confucianism).
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