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Title: 精魅觀點
Other Titles: A Study on the Narrator of the Middle of Seventh Month on West Lake- The Viewpoint of Soul
Authors: 黃明理
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文對張岱著名散文〈西湖七月半〉提出幾個迥異前人的看法。第一,文章描述的景況,與明代杭州中元節的習俗不符。第二,張岱在文章中實已表明所描寫的是八月中秋夜。第三,故意標題「七月半」,造成題文不副的荒謬感,乃為暗示:文章中敘述主體——「吾輩」別有所指,並非就是現實存在的作者張岱。第四,西湖主人,是「吾輩」所以成一群體的共同意識,張岱自擬為精魂,站在西湖主人的立場,描述西湖中秋夜的繁華景象。第五,之所以如此謀篇,是為寓寄亡國之痛,抒發自己生而如死、往事如夢的感受。第六,故作反常的敘述設計,極可能受南宋遺民鄭思肖畫蘭不畫土的啟發。
This research suggests a different angle of viewing Zhang Dai's famous prose The Middle of Seventh Month on West Lake/Harvest Moon on West Lake. Firstly, the scenes depicted in this article are not corresponding with the tradition of Summer Lantern Festival at Hangchow in Ming era. Secondly, in the article, indeed, Zhang Dai clearly states the background is the night of Moon Festival in eighth month. Thirdly, using "The Middle of Seventh Month" in the title which differ from the season portrayed in the article is a way to create the sense of absurdity to imply that "we", the narrator in the prose, is not the actual Zhang Dai himself. Fourthly, the "we" is a collective consciousness that Zhang Dai regards himself as one of the souls of West Lake, to describe the thriving and flourishing of West Lake as a proprietor. Moreover, speaking as a soul is to express the agonies of losing his nation that death might be preferable to him at that time. Sixthly, adopting this abnormal narrator arrangement may be a result of being influenced by South Song Dynasty writer Zheng Si Xiao's Drawing the Orchid Without Dust.
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