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Title: 薛蕙《老子集解》性命思想探析
Other Titles: Analysis of the Thought on Human Nature and Life-Based on Hsei Hui's Variorum Laotse
Authors: 江淑君
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 薛蕙《老子集解》最引以為傲的,乃在於是書能「明聖人之微言,究性命之極致」。根據他的理解,《老子》是性命之書,老子學說的宗趣旨歸就在於揭櫫性命之理,也就是「道」的精髓所在。是書特別標舉出性命之理的問題意識,俾使得老子思想的重心轉化成為性命哲理的抒發,對於性命之理的多向論述,頗有值得深入剖析的價值。因此,本論文擬由以下幾個向度疏理《老子集解》中的性命哲理:首先是豁顯「性命之理的問題意識」,茲先闡釋《中庸》、《易傳》言性命之義,藉以說明薛蕙如何以《老子》一書合會儒家性命之理,並以相關注文之解析回應其以《老子》為性命之書的觀點。其次,進一步點出「生死問題為性命學說的核心」,薛蕙乃以老子「出生入死」為性命精微之理,並嘗試以莊子的生死哲學詮解「出生入死」的內蘊,其所彰顯的性命精微之理就在於無慮生死,透破生死分別,對於貪生者往往更趨向死地,有精闢的發揮。此打破了世俗之人悅生惡死的執迷,直指玄同死生為性命哲理的奧義。其三,則從「虛靜為性命的本然樣貌」一面向申述性命的原始狀態,凸顯出虛靜工夫的重要性,並強調樸質無偽方為性命之理的存有內涵。薛蕙乃以此為構設老子返本復初、歸根復命的理論基礎,其間對於世俗之學與性命之學背道而馳的現象,從質、文本末關係的角度,予以省視與考察。最後,是以「性命之學實即心性之學」為論述的面向,申論薛蕙發明《老子》性命哲理的重點之一,即在於直探人的本心本性,及其應物、接物時所引發種種相關問題的探討,故終必歸宿於避免心之盲動、迷亂,以及養性、復性等心性理論的建構。凡此,皆是抉發薛蕙《老子集解》性命思想重要的義理向度,是為本論文鑽研之焦點。
According to Hsei Hui (a scholar of the Ming Dynasty), Laotse (Tao Te King) is a book about human nature and life. He brought up this issue in his Variorum Laotse and explored the truth of human nature and life in philosophical aspects. His deliberation upon Laotse had converted the Confucian understanding of Lao-Tze thinking. First, Hsei Hui addressed the question about the truth of human nature and life that built a connection between Confucianism and Laotse. He combined Laotse with Confucianism according to the implications of human nature and life cited from Golden Mean and Yi Zhuan (Commentary on The Book of Changes). Second, living and dying is the essence of human nature and life. Laotze suggests unconcern for living and dying, gains an insight into the non-differentiation between life and death, and points to the abstruse reasoning of the incredible union of life and death. Third, emptiness and stillness is the way of nature. Hsei Hui established a philosophical framework to expound the rationale of returning to the original nature. And finally, the study of human nature and life is the study of mind. The way to manage the mind and prevent it from blindness and confusion reflects the manner to response and handle all things on earth. These are the principles to discover Hsei Hui's thought on human nature and life discoursed in his Variorum Laotse.
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