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Title: 清代中期世情小說研究
Other Titles: The Research for the Secular Novels in the Medium Term of Qing Dynasty
Authors: 胡衍南
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《蜃樓志》、《清風閘》、《雅觀樓》、《痴人福》、《玉蟾記》是清代中期嘉慶、道光年間較負聲名的「世情小說」,然而它們和《金瓶梅》、《紅樓夢》等世情小說經典有什麼不同?本文的研究發現,這些作品咸有類型整併、以及朝中篇小說轉型的傾向,足以反映清代中期世情小說的生產與接受,較之前期經典已有更鮮明的通俗化、市場化特徵。
During the Jia Qing(嘉慶)Period to the Dao Guang(道光) Period, Shen Lou Zh(蜃樓志), Qing Feng Jia(清風閘), Ya Guan Lou(雅觀樓), Ch Ren Fu(痴人福), and Yu Chan Ji(玉蟾記) are famous secular novels. And what are the differences between them and the classical ones, such as Jin Ping Mei (金瓶梅) and Dream of the Red Chamber(紅樓夢)? In fact, all of them had the tendency of the combination of different types, and prefered to be novelettes. These features prove that they were popular and commercial works during the medium term of Qing Dynasty.
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