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Title: 主體錯置、區隔他者、復國隱喻 ──論盧思道〈聽蟬鳴篇〉中的離散論述
Other Titles: Displacement, Distinction and Metaphor: On the Diaspora Discourse of Lu Sidao’s “Ting chan ming pian”
Authors: 王美秀
Wang, Mei-hsiu
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 北朝著名詩人盧思道在北齊亡國之年寫下雜言詩〈聽蟬鳴篇〉,其中蘊涵深切的離散論述。詩人以秋為主軸,以悲為基調,以寒蟬為喻託,為自己建構離散者身分。指出主體錯置乃造成離散之因,空間的錯置、時間永不復返與生命價值的遺失,使離散主體無所依歸,成為卑微孤獨的受難者。詩人進而以離散意識將北周帝都長安,再現為空洞冷漠之城,將屈附北周的北齊舊臣歸類為道德低下之人,並從而區隔我族與他者。詩人的隱退之願從未實現,反而成為他身為離散者無形的抗拒,連結他的復國行動。詩人更倒轉與改寫典故,使復國義涵鮮明可辨,更以詩歌形式的繼承強化離散者身分,並以此寄託復國隱喻。
Lu Sidao, the famous poet of the Northern and Southern dynasties period, wrote a poem “Ting chan ming pian’’ (“Listening to the autumn cicada”) after the fall of his country Northern Qi. A profound discourse of Diaspora was consisted in the intermixed-sentences style poem. He wrote with autumn as a centerline of the poem structurally and employed the image of the autumn cicada as a symbol to construct his own identity of Diaspora. He pointed out that the displacement of subject is the main causes of diasporas, spatial misplacement , the past that never return and losing life value make diasporas find themselves no place to belong to and make them become isolated and humble victims in the society where they stay. He further on used the ideology of Diaspora to represent Chang’an, the capital of hostile country, as a city of coldness and emptiness. He categorizes the officials, who used to serve Northern Qi and now turned their loyalty to serve new ruler, as immoral people and distinguished them into ‘others’. His wish of being a hermit was never come true but turn into an invisible signal of resistance which connected to his subsequent participation of a rebellion and tried to restore his country. In the poem, some common allusions were also reversed and original meanings were turned clearly into the notion of nation restoring. In addition, he emphasized the identity of Diaspora through inheriting an old poetry form as a metaphor of nation restoration.
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