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Title: 重組杜甫的面孔:從現代傳記到「心史」的回溯式閱讀
Other Titles: “Restructuring the face of Du Fu: A Retrospective Reading from Modern Biographies to ‘the History from the Heart.’”
Authors: 黃自鴻
Wong, Chi-hung
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 評論家從「詩史」、「以杜解杜」等理念出發,以為杜甫詩較正史更可信,可以按照他的作品重組生平事蹟及其所處之背景,充分展現出唐代安史之亂前後截然不同的社會氣象。本文擬從四種傳記要素出發,並從現代杜甫傳記的分析、正史列傳解讀和杜甫的自傳詩三個方面,重新審視杜甫傳記研究的問題。從自傳詩的角度看,杜甫〈壯遊〉以「狂」、「豪」及仕途失意總結自己的前半生,而在正史裡面,有關杜甫的資料雖然有待證實,卻仍然意在發掘一個狂傲文人的角色。由於寫作背景的影響和不同讀者群的需要,現代學者撰述杜甫的一生,同樣根據一千四百多首「心史」為底本,卻考掘出迥異的面貌。若試圖從「心史」理解杜甫,狂豪與悲慘人生應是落墨的一環。
From the perspectives of “poetry-history” and “to explain Du from his own poetry,”commentators believe that Du Fu’s poetry is more reliable than the Old and New Books of Tang.According to his poetry, one can reconstruct Du’s life and his background, which fully reflects the political and social situation before and after An Shi Rebellion. This paper attempts to examine the key concepts of the biography, and to re-evaluate the study of biographies of Du Fu by analyzing three modern biographies, re-reading the official records and investigating Du Fu’s autobiographical poetry. In “the Great Journey,” the poet concludes himself as “eccentric,”“unrestrained,” and failure in career; in the official biographies of the two Books of Tang,although the sources are dubious, an image of an unrestrained man of letters, the same as that in his autobiographical writing, is exhibited. Due to the different writing backgrounds and the various needs of readers, modern biographical writers have discovered different faces of Du Fu from the same works. This paper suggests that the picture of “eccentric,” “unrestrained” and“miserable” should be the primary portrait of a biography of Du Fu.
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