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Title: 論管輅在「正始學術」新變中之地位
Authors: 江建俊
Chiang, Chien-chun
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 曹魏齊王芳「正始」年間,重用浮華之士,陰奪司馬懿之權,頓使政治氣氛變得詭譎。而學術方面亦呈現新變,世所豔稱的「正始之音」,時有大型談座,自由議論,溝通儒道成了當時學術之最核心議題。管輅躬逢此學術的鉅大轉折期,仍沿循漢代象數易的軌跡,益以陰陽、方伎,而自成「數術易」一系,援之與正始玄談界之精英對辯。而世之論清談者,多忽略之,也未能正視其所談的《易》「義」及「術數」之「理」,遂流失此脈絡之學術系譜。本文貞定管輅之學術地位為「象數易」至「數術易」之轉折;以陰陽變化、五行符命「豎義」之正始清談地位;以《易》道「與變升降」為處易代之際的應世智慧;以「奇方異術」勸善導德,具教化之功,益見其學思的殊趣與本色。
In Cao-Wei Zhengshi period, the atmosphere of idle talk is popular. All doctrines in Pre-Qin are openly discussed and developed. The academic core at that time is to communicate Confucianism and Taoism. In Yi researches, Heyan and Wangbi quote Laozhuang to lead to Yi, which is somewhat participation Hyun. Guanlu doesn't think it right to discuss only essence and discard shiangshu(象數). His Yi comes from the Pre-Qin to Han Dynasty plus Yin-yang, divination etc. and is included in the system of Shushushi(術數系).In the Zhengshi discussions, he doesn't focus on Being, Non-being or natural norm but on the changes of Yin Yang, the five elements and auspicious omens. But when it comes to academic idle talk, Guanlu is often overlooked. During the transference of Wei-Jin dynasty, he isn't involved in political storms and remains unharmed and respected owing to his Yi and being practical with the times. He shows those who are puzzled and hesitate a magnanimous way through unusual fortune-telling methods, thus being beneficial to common people. He is talented but not in an important position, which is a great pity to those who know him well. This essay is to analyze Guanlu's academic role and position he deserves in the Zhengshin theory.
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