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Title: 對陳榮捷《朱子門人》一書之若干商議
Other Titles: Appraisal and Discussion on《朱子門人》 by Chan Wing-tsit
Authors: 王奕然
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 陳榮捷《朱子門人》一書,乃是研究朱子學派的重要參考資料,歷來學者頗多稱譽,此書亦影響了後來相關的作品,如《閩學源流》、《朱子學通論》等書。本文除了指出此書的五項優點外,如考證詳盡、揭示《朱子語類》體例、辯駁古人謬見等,亦提出八處缺失,如歸類錯誤、一人分置兩處、名字錯置等,針對陳氏所言,進行辯駁。另外,對於陳氏存疑、不解之處,本文亦試圖考察相關的材料,梳理部分問題,抑或推敲箇中的原因,如李孝述、章康、陳宓是否屬於朱門弟子、劉黼的籍貫為何、朱彝尊《經義考》何以列陳文蔚為傳《詩》、傳《禮》弟子等問題。因此,在本文中,主要從這三方面來進行論述,針對《朱子門人》一書,加以補充和釐清。
Chan Wing-tsit "朱子門人" is the important reference about the school of Zhu Xi thought.Many scholars applaude this book for research. The influence of This book "朱子門人" on other Neo-Confucianism research is self-evident. This article points five merits about this book, but it also proposed eight flaws. Moreover, This article will unravel some mystery that Chan Wing-tsit did not explain. Therefore, this paper mainly carries on the elaboration from three aspects.
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