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Title: 洪醒夫敘事詩潛存的小說企圖
Other Titles: The potential existence of novelized poetry in Hung, Hsing-Fu's poems: Taking the concept of narrative poems composed by Poets of the first-generation in the postwar as the starting point
Authors: 解昆樺
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 1970-1984年間戰後第一世代詩人啟動的現代詩文體改革運動,提供了現代詩文體中前未發展的敘事詩書寫及相應的創作方法論。在這一系列對敘事詩的創作嘗試中,以詩進行小說敘事是實驗的方向之一。然而詩的小說敘事在發展上並非一蹴可及,中間經歷相關理論與創作的摸索,《詩人季刊》第16期(1983.11)懷念洪醒夫特刊與小說詩專輯,說明洪醒夫兼具的小說家與現代詩人身份,在當時如何挹注這尚未完成之詩小說敘事計畫的可能想像。檢視洪醒夫集中於1968-1974年的現代詩作,其初期詩文本散佈的敘事文本詞彙,以及進而發展出於首段首句中建立敘事觀點的現象,都顯露其於詩文本說故事的慾望與敘事潛能。而洪醒夫後期詩作中形塑出的「引文」、「角色」特質,則分別讓我們思維其在「詮釋與改編」、「獨白與對白」的技術面課題,為現代詩文體內部之小說詩發展史留下極具啟發性的理論資產。
Between 1970 and 1984, the poets of the first-generation in the postwar started the reformation move of modern poetry style. They provided the methodology of narrative poem writing and relative composition for the modern poetry style, which had never been developed. Among the series of narrative poem writing, novelized poetry is one of the most important literary forms. However, the development of novelized poetry was not accomplished immediately. It went through groping for relative theory and creation. In the sixteenth issue of Poet Quarterly (1983.11), the special issue for commemorating Hung, Hsing-Fu and novelized poetry, it was stated how Hung, Hsing-Fu, both a novelist and a modern poet, contributed to the unaccomplished plan for novelized poetry. Examining the modern poems composed by Hung, Hsing-Fu mainly between 1868 and 1974, narration appeared in his poems in the initial stage. Then he established the phenomenon, which was to establish narrative point of view in the first sentence of the first paragraph. His poems showed the desire of storytelling and the potential of narration. In the later stage Hung, Hsing-Fu shaped the characteristic of quotation and role in his poems, which allowed us to think about the technical study of 'explanation and revision' as well as 'monolog and dialogue'. He left enormous inspiring theoretical asset for the history of novelized poetry, one of the modern poetry literary forms.
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