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Title: 唐孫樵〈興元新路記〉青松驛以北驛路之現地研究
Other Titles: Sun Qiao "Xing-yuan xin lu Ji" in Tang Dynasty On-site Studies on the Road of North from Qing-song yi
Authors: 簡錦松
Chien, Chin-sung
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 唐代自秦入蜀的谷道中,褒斜道的聲名最著。唐人孫樵曾寫下〈興元新路記〉,詳細記載沿途驛站和驛程,成為研究褒斜道的重要參考文獻。本文以現地研究方法,利用本人實地考察所記錄的GPS位址和照片資料,在GoogleEarthPro衛星地圖上,擬測〈興元新路記〉中所有的驛路與驛站。由於孫樵高度寫實,使本文能將「興元新路北段」全部在衛星地圖中呈現出來。
Bao-xie Road was the most famous road from Qin to Shu in Dang Dynasty. Sun Qiao, from Dang Dynasty, had ever written “Xingyuan Xin lu ji” to record the stations and distance along this path in detail, thus had become the most importance document for studying Baoxie Road. This paper applies the approach of on-site research, trying to measure all the stations and distance from “Xingyuan Xin lu ji” on Google Earth Pro satellite map by using GPS sites and photographs collected during twice field investigations. Due to its high degree of Sun Qiao’s writing authenticity, it makes this paper possible to present “the North section of Baoxiexin road” on satellite map completely.
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