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Title: 從《鹽鐵論》看西漢公共討論空間之議事範圍與規則
Other Titles: The Rules of Public Discursive Space: A Study on Discourses of Salt and Iron of Western Han Dynasty
Authors: 馮樹勳
Fung, Shu-fun
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《鹽鐵論》文本真實地紀錄了漢昭帝六年的「廷議」,其中民間代表的賢良、文學,多達六十人對策,屬於漢代最大規模的公共討論空間案例;而在〈擊之第四十二〉開始,則是廷臣復奏以後的另一次會議的開端。此次雖非天子下詔之對策,而賢良、文學的身份,亦已為大夫身份,並非純然諸生矣。不過,從大夫仍稱他們為賢良、文學,他們也似繼續以諸生自居,發言態度亦不似屬員對上官之恭謹,則諸生確然已開發了一個相對自由的公共討論空間,前次發言之規矩,似乎亦成為雙方共識,而予以承認。本文以《鹽鐵論》為基礎,展示西漢公共討論空間的種種內涵與軌範。從漢文帝鼓勵賢良文學發聲,而建構的習慣法框架,以及昭帝年間賢良文學的代表性,而深探當時議事討論範圍的選擇及越軌責任的問題,最後闡釋漢季議事語言及禮儀要求等,並對比世界上類似的共時性與歷時性型態,以觀照其可能的交光互影之處。
Discourses of Salt and Iron《鹽鐵論》is an important book for the studies of Public Sphere in ancient times of China, since it is an authentic record of discussions of the Imperial Court ofHan Dynasty which included over 60 scholars participated. The contents of Discourses of Salt and Iron reflect the creation and development of Public Sphere in Han Dynasty. Moreover, from the record of the book, we can not only discover that the brilliant discussions between the imperial officers and scholars, but also the Rules of Procedure of Imperial Court of Han. In this article, therefore, we are going to point out the details and features of the discussions and the Public Sphere of Han Dynasty, as well as the Rules of Procedure of Imperial Court at that time,by studying closely the book Discourses of Salt and Iron.
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