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Title: 獨立研究指導教師之專業素養與有效教學行為初探
Other Titles: An Investigation into Independent Study Teachers' Expertise and Effective Teaching Behavior
Authors: 柯麗卿
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 獨立研究教學是當前資優教育主要的核心,而有效能教師是成功教學的主要推手。根據相關文獻顯示,一位優秀、有效能獨立研究指導教師應具備科學的專業素養以及有效的教學行為。在科學素養與能力上,應具備有科學研究的專業素養、熟悉各種研究方法和高層次思考技巧、資源整合利用、資料蒐尋技巧以及電腦資訊的能力;在有效教學行為方面,教學前,應重視規劃、準備的工作;教學實施的過程中,應運用高層次思考技巧的教學策略、依學生的個別差異及學習表現進行調整教學策略、適當地給予學生引導與鼓勵、掌握教學進度、重視師生互動、尋求社會資源以協助學生進行研究;教學後,應強調學生學習策略的運用與後設認知的學習,並進行教學反思,以達教學策略與方法的精益求精。此外,指導教師本身還要能持續不斷的創新與學習、有熱誠、願意投入教學工作。
Independent study, is for short, is now the core of gifted education, while effective teachers are the key masterminds behind successful teachings. Meanwhile, relative literature showed that an excellent, effective IS instructor should possess both scientific expertise and effective teaching behavior. In terms of scientific expertise and ability, an IS teacher should be professional in science, familiar with all kinds of research methods; he or she also should be able in high level thinking skills, resource integration and application, data collection skills, and a skilled hand in computer. In terms of effective teaching behavior, the teachershould give weight to planning and preparation before each teaching, and during the teaching process, he or she should apply high-order thinking skills on the teaching strategy, and adjust the strategy according to the students' individual differences and learning performances; he or she should guide and encourage students in due time, teach according to the teaching schedule, think highly of the interactions between teachers and students, look for social resources and assist in students' researches. Lastly after the teaching, the teacher should put emphasis on the students' learning strategies and metacognition learning. On top of that, the teacher should use reflections in the learning process, with an eye to more proficient teaching strategies and approaches.Additionally, the IS instructor must put lots of efforts on continual innovation and learning; he or she should be enthusiastic and is willing to invest more time inteaching.
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