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Title: 顯著性與韻律在借字調整中之模式化:以國語中英語借字的[]為例
Other Titles: Modeling Salience and Prosody in Loanword Adaptation: Cases of English [ɹ] in Mandarin
Authors: 呂明昌
Mingchang Lu
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文探討顯著性與韻律如何影響借字過程中型態化的詞彙變異,並以英語//在國語中對應調整的保留與刪除為例。在語料庫的基礎上,儘管//在國語中的去留呈現變異,然其比例分配卻由數個語音顯著性及韻律的因素決定,前者為位置、響度與相似度/相異度,後者為國語的雙音節韻律傾向。此借字調整的型態化分配,適合以機率優選理論(Boersma 1997 and 1998, Boersma and Hayes 2001)模式化。該理論將制約視為在線性化嚴格度上量化的範圍,而兩個衝突制約排序值之間的距離,可決定兩範圍值是否重疊或重疊的程度,此重疊區也是支配關係可以反轉,進而造成變異的區域。
This paper probes the effects of phonetic salience and prosody on patterned lexical variation in word-loaning processes. The case is the retention/deletion of [] from English input to the corresponding underlying representations perceived by Mandarin speakers. Based on a sizable corpus, while the retention/deletion of English [] is variable on a word-by-word basis, the percentage distribution is observed to be conditioned by a handful of factors of phonetic salience, specifically position, sonority and similarity/dissimilarity, and prosodic preference for binary feet in Mandarin. The patterned distribution in loanword adaptation is appropriately modeled in stochastic evaluations (Boersma 1997, 1998, Boersma & Hayes 2001), which better capture this insight through the key notions of seeing constraints as ranges of value on a linear scale of strictness, and, insofar as the ranking values of two mutually contradictory constraints are close enough, overlapping is inevitable, i.e. the area where dominance between them may be reversed and which results in variation.
Other Identifiers: 9236CF32-77D8-3D68-5799-FD601EF7D754
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