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Title: 「教師即陌生人」隱喻對教師教學的啟示
Other Titles: The Metaphor of "Teacher as Stranger" and Its Implications for Instruction
Authors: 施宜煌
Yi-Huang Shin
Yu-Hsuan Lai
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 「教師即陌生人」隱喻為美國當代教育哲學家M. Greene (1973) 《教師即陌生人:當代教育哲思》(Teachers Are Strangers Contemporary Philosophical Reflection of Education) 中所提出,其主張教師須透過哲思來釐清自我意識,且應如返鄉遊子般,以嶄新的視野來覺察生活中的每一天,同時透過教育的歷程,也讓學生能自我覺察、自我選擇、自我實現,進而提升自我意識。本文藉由理論分析的方法,首先探討「教師即陌生人」隱喻產生的背景,接著討論隱喻的意涵,再進一步引申出對當代教師教學的啟示。本文的啟示如下:(l)教師須重新審視自己的角色及境遇;(2) 教師應關注學生是獨特的生命個體;(3)教師應透過哲思建立自我的教學立論;(4) 教師須像「返鄉遊子」重新體悟教學; (5) 教師可透過藝術開啟學生嶄新的生命視野;(6) 教師應哲思抉擇教學活動的價值規準;(7)教師應使師生雙方皆能提升自我意識。
The metaphor of Teacher as stranger" is proposed by Maxine Greene, the American contemporary educational philosopher, in her 1973 work Teacher as stranger: Educational Philosophy for the Modem Age. Greene claims teachers must continually struggle to clarify their self-consciousness by doing philosophy. She also hopes that teachers should take a stranger's view to notice details and patterns in their life-world, not to take the cultural pattern for granted. Furthermore, she believes that teachers should promote students' consciousness, and free students to self awareness, self-selection, self-realization through educational process. By using theoretical methodology, the paper first discusses the background of the metaphor. SecondlY,it further discusses the meaning of the metaphor from Greene's viewpoint. Finally, this paper proposed some implications for instruction to teachers. The implications are as follows: (1) teachers should reexamine their roles and life situation; (2) teachers should regard students as individuals'lives; (3) teachers should develop their pedagogy theorizing by doing philosophy; (4) teachers should be like a homecomer and notice their teaching that they never saw before; (5) teachers can enlighten students'life visions by the arts; (6) teachers should select the value criteriaof teaching by doing philosophy; (7) teachers should promote teachers' and students' self consciousness.
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