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Title: 當小孩的滋味
Other Titles: On Being a Child: Personal Narratives of Young Children in Kinmen
Authors: 蔡敏玲
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本文描述金門縣幼見的生活敘說特色,並試論此種敘說特色形塑的脈絡因素。作者在金門縣棒棒糖班蒐集18位幼兒中班到大班的生活敘說,並訪談幼兒、教師與幼見家長。以詩節分段方式,整理兩年共257則敘說文本之結構,並剖析敘說文本之場景、內容及角色刻劃。結果顯示,形式特色有二:半數幼見以「多層次」敘說結構細說生活,三分之二的敘說文本包含觀感/評論。內容特色包括:吃與玩是主要關注,敘說飽含感官知覺的細節,手足角色之建構展露高度的自覺與主張。作者推測,金門和緩的生活步調讓幼兒細緻體驗生活;自在的分享空間與教師的提問是幼兒敘說特色充分展現的脈絡;父母順其自然的教養態度是幼見刻劃手足角色呈現自覺與主張的重要背景。為理解幼見與幼見眼中的生活,傾聽幼見敘說、覺察幼見敘說特色是必要而有意義的教育作為。
This paper describes the characteristics of personal narratives of young children from Kinmen, texture of childhood represented in these narratives, and the possible influence of context. Over a two-year period, the author collected the personal narratives of eighteen children in a kindergarten classroom in Kinmen.Stanza analysis was adopted to analyze the narrative structure. As to the contents, the author attended to how settings and characters were depicted in these texts. In regards to the form, a "multi-layered" narrative structure was typical for half of the children and two thirds of the narrative texts contained evaluative elements. In terms of content, vivid sensory details were used to describe eating and playing. It can be inferred that a slow pace of life allowed the children to have an enhanced perception of their daily lives. The atmosphere surrounding the sharing time, the attitude of the teacher during the listening, and the nature of the probing questions might all have contributed to the full unfolding of these children's narrative competence. A handsoff parenting style was an important context where the children depicted their siblings with multiple viewpoints. It is therefore proposed that children's narratives can serve as an important avenue in which researchers and teachers can better understand children and how they perceive their daily lives.
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