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Title: 法國教育研究的評析
Other Titles: A Critical Analysis of Education Research in France
Authors: 王秋絨
Chiou-Rong Wang
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本文旨在分析並批判自1833 年至今的法國教育研究現況。為達此目的,本文運用歷史研究法、書目計量法加以研究,共獲得以下幾項結論:一、教育研究的「理論」與「實務」研究分立於大學教育科學系與師資培育學院(IUFM) ,為研究雙軌制。二、教育科學研究的發展具有多元的辯證制度化情形:教育科學發韌於1883年為配合教育政策的大學單一學科講座,直到教育歐洲、全球化證據為本的衝擊後,教育研究進入多元發展的跨學門( transdisplines )的研究時期,其研究方法論、認識論大多朝向單元與多元之間相互辯證的發展。三、教育科學及教學論的研究議題側重在「課程與教學、學生研究、教育學理論研究、較少「教育改革、教育政策與行政」之研究。四、受到歐盟教育領導權力以及全球化知識經濟公民培育的競爭,法國教育科學及教學論之研究品質受到重視,因此,更為系統化與多元化,同時,後設分析等之教育科學研究的精緻化亦逐漸受到重視。此外,為因應歐盟國際化的影響,比較教育之文獻日益增加。
Employing a historical approach and a bibliometric method, this paper offers a critical analysis of education research in France since 1833. The study yielded thefollowing results: I. A dual system of education characterizes the education research scenario in France, i.e. research in departments of education in the tertiary sector is more the。可oriented, while in College of Teacher Education Training (Institut Universitaire de Formation des 扎1aitres, IUF泌的it is more practice-oriented. 2. A multiple dialectical process concerning the development of education research has manifested itself in the institutionalization history of education science at universities. Since the establishment of the first university chair of education in 1883, a monolithic methodology has been the foundation of education. Due to the impact of global trends in evidence-based research and policy-making, transdisciplinary research has emerged in education studies adopting pluralistic methodologies.3. From the perspective of the most commonly researched topics, more studies have been conducted on the topics of “curriculum & instruction, “students" and “ educational theory," while studies on the themes of “education reform" and “ educational policy and administration" are fewer. 4. After the Bologna Process, high-quality of education science and pedagogy have received much greater emphasis, leading to an increase in studies on systematic and meta-analytic studies on related education research, especially comparative education research.
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