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Title: 以學習策略觀點建構科學教育網站評鑑指標之研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Construction of Science Education Website Evaluation Indicators from the Perspective of Learning Strategy
Authors: 張琬翔 尹玫君
Wan-Shinang Chang Mei-Chun Yin
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究旨在以學習策略觀點建構科學教育網站評鑑指標。先從文獻分析提出指標雛形架構。再以專家問卷與模糊德懷術問巷,確定指標層級架構與內涵。最後由模糊屑級分析法驗證層級結構性並賦予各指標相對權重值。研究發現:一、科學教育網站評鑑指標權重體系具整體一致性、適切可行,包含3 項第4及指標、11個第二級指標與37 項第三級指標;一、第一級指標有認知策略、後設認知策略、資源管理策略,其中認知策略的權重值最高;三、第三級指標有種誦與選擇策略、精徵化策略、組織策略、演練策略、計畫策略、監控策略、調整策略、時間管理、努力管理、環境管理、回饋支持指標等,其中回饋支持、演練策略、複誦與選擇策略三項的權重值較高。
This study aimed to construct the Science Education Website Evaluation Indicators (SEWEI) from the perspective of learning strategy. The study applied the expert questionnaire, fuzzy Delphi method, and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process as the main methods. After systematic literature reviews with regard to learning strategy and website evaluation, the first frame of indicators was established. The expert questionnaire was to modify the first frame of indicators and form the fuzzy Delphi questionnaire; the fuzzy Delphi method was to assess the quality and the suitable degree of the indicators; the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process was to estimate the indicators weight. The major conclusions of this study were listed as below: (1) There were 3 first-level indicators, 11 secondlevel indicators and 37 third-level indicators of the SEWEI, which contained an overall consistency and measurable value. (2) The first-level indicators included cognitive strategy, metacognition strategy and resource management strategy. The weight of cognitive strategy was the highest among all first-level indicators. (3) The second-level indicators included rehearsal & selection strategy, elaboration strategy, organizational strategy, practice strategy, planning strategy, monitoringstrategy, regulating strategy, time management, effort management, environmental management and feedback & support. The weights of feedback & support, practice strategy, and rehearsal & selection strategy were the highest among those secondlevel indicators.
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