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Title: 影響大學生畢業流向因素之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Impact Factors on Graduate Destination
Authors: 劉若蘭
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討不同學校類型大學生個人因素、學習成果與畢業流向的關係。研究對象為填答高等教育資料庫94學年度大三、畢業前、畢業後一年等三份問卷者。在本研究中,學校類型包括公私立大學與技職校院,個人因素包括家庭背景、自我概念、教育抱負與校園經驗等,學習成果包括畢業成績與具備職場能力。研究結果發現,畢業後全職就業與就學組在自我概念、社團參與、師生互動、同儕關係與課業投入等因素高於未就業組;父親職業聲望較低、家庭收入較高、不打算進修、有工作經驗、同儕關係較滿意且畢業成績、職涯規劃能力愈佳的學生,有全職工作的比例較高;父親教育程度、家庭收入較高、自我概念與課業學習較正向、職涯規劃能力與畢業成績較高、大三即打算進修的學生,全職就學的比例亦比未就業者為高。此外,公私立大學與公立技職學生全職工作與就學的比例,均比私立技職學生高,而私立技職學生參與社團對於畢業後找到全職工作有利。本研究之分析成果,能為大學規劃有效措施,促進學生學習品質與就業提出建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships between college students' individual factors, their learning outcomes and their graduate destination.The author used the 2005 junior student cohort data of "Taiwan Integrated Postsecondary Education Database." Variables of types of higher education institutions consist of public and private universities as well as colleges of teGhnology. The individual variables include family background, self-concept, educational aspiration, and campus experience. Learning outcome variables are graduation grade point and competencies of employability. Results of the study show that comparing to their unemployed peers after graduation, those who continued to study in graduate schools or found a full-time job are more likely to have higher selfevaluation frequent club participation, better faculty-student interactions, closer peer relation and deeper academic involvement. Variables related to the full-time employment status of college graduates include lower paternal occupation status, higher family income, no plan for gradate study, with working experience, good peer relation, good graduation grade point and career planning ability. But higher paternal education, better family income, positive self-concept and academic involvement, better graduation grade point and career planning ability, and early planning for further study are related to the full-time graduate study status. In addition, those who graduated from public or private universities and public colleges of technology are more likely to go to graduate schools or find a permanent job than those ones graduated from private colleges of technology. However graduates form private college of technology benefit from club participation for finding full-time jobs. Based on the research results, recommendations for planning effective programs to enhance students' learning and employability are provided.
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