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Title: 論行動研究論文審查上的一些問題
Other Titles: Issues Concerning the Review of Action Research Papers
Authors: 潘世尊
Thie-Tzuen Pan
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 近十幾年來,行動研究在國內教育領域之發展,甚為迅速;然而,學術期刊論文的審查者,可能以其他研究取向之規準來評估行動研究,長此以往,將不利於行動研究、教育實務及教育學之發展。因此,筆者試著針對行動研究論文審查上的一些問題,加以探究。首先,簡要說明行動研究之內涵,以做為分析與討論之基礎;其次,分從「品質」與「價值」這兩個向度,闡明若干有關行動研究論文審查之參考項目與應注意事項。在品質部分,筆者探究的焦點與結果攸關行動研究之「研究活動的內容」與「研究報告的形式」之評估;在價值部分,則涉及「學術」與「應用」價值之檢視。最後,筆者建議學者們在審查行動研究論文時,需對其精神與特質有所瞭解,且不宜堅持運用植基於其他研究取向之評估標準,方能儘量避免偏誤的產生。
Over the past ten years, action research has rapidly developed within the field of education in Taiwan. However, when researchers who employed an action research approach submit a manuscript for review, they sometimes discover that reviewers of academic journals employ criteria based on other research approaches to assess the action research manuscript. If this continues, the development of action research, educational practice, and pedagogy will be negatively affected. This study examined the issues involved in the review of action research papers. First, the action research approach is explained, and will be used as the basis of further analysis and discussion. Secondly, some referable and noteworthy aspects regarding the review of action research papers are put forward in terms of “ quality" and “ value". The focus of the study was on the research topics often examined in action research studies, and the style adopted in manuscripts about action research. The academic and practical value of action research papers was also discussed. Finally, it is suggested that reviewers of action research papers need to understand the goals and characteristics of action research, and should not persist in employing assessment criteria based on other academic paradigms. Ultimately it is hoped that the utilization of inappropriate criteria to review action research papers will be reduced.
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