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Title: 組織文化與幼兒教育
Other Titles: Organizational Culture and Early Childhood Education: Directions for Future Research in Taiwan
Authors: 丁雪茵
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 近年來教育學者開始注意到學校組織文化對於整體教育改革成效的影響,但是大多數研究乃針對中小學,幼教階段的研究仍然極為有限。臺灣私立幼兒園所佔多數,而且公私立幼兒園的組織生態與文化有極大之差異,因此更顯出組織文化這個主題對於幼教改革具有重要意義。基於此,為了思索未來幼教組織文化研究的可能方向,本文首先鉅觀鳥瞰組織文化研究領域的歷史緣起與發展概況,瞭解該領域中所涵蓋的不同主題取向與研究法,然後針對目前國內學校組織文化與幼教組織文化的研究概況做一個簡單的分析與瞭解。最後,嘗試從幼教組織文化生態觀與幼兒教育相關議題兩個角度切入,針對未來研究方向與研究方法提出建議,以期做為開展未來幼教組織文化領域研究之參考。
It is not until recent years, when educators reflected on the effectiveness of educational reform, that organizational culture becomes one of the concerns of the educators in Taiwan. In Taiwan, about 70% of the kindergartens are privately owned, and their organizational cultures are quite different form that of the public ones. This phenomenon makes the topic of “organizational culture” even more significant for early childhood education as compared to other levels of the school systems. However, the topic did not get the attention it deserves in the literature. Because of the above reasons, this article aims at proposing some directions for future research. I will first try to have a bird’s view on the history and development of the research on organizational culture, in order to understand the diversity of concepts, themes, and approaches emerged in the literature. Based on this frame of background knowledge, the organizational culture studies of schools in Taiwan will be briefly reviewed. Finally, from the ecological perspective and some important issues of early childhood education, the possible research themes and approaches for future research are suggested.
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