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Title: 三位教師讀寫學習的課程知識之轉變
Other Titles: Three Teachers’ Transfer of Literacy Learning
Authors: 曾靜宜
Chingyi Tseng
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 讀寫師資訓練一直以來影響與左右教學現場的成效。然,直接影響教師學習轉變因素卻不明。透過讀寫師資訓練,探討教師的學習轉變以及教學現場的應用。藉著兩方面的落差,了解教師在師資訓練學習過程中,所面臨的學習與教學應用的難處以及在教學現場應用的意願。透過一年的讀寫師資補助訓練課程與質性研究的技巧分析,檢視教師們在讀寫師資訓練過程中學習轉變的因素。研究發現,教師的學習行為印證了六個學習轉變因素:一、教師對讀寫教學的態度,二、教師對讀寫教學的適應性,三、教師對讀寫教學的活化性,四、教師對讀寫教學的實用性,五、教師對讀寫教學的融入性,六、教師對讀寫教學的未來可行性。文中鉅細靡宜描述三位教師的個人態度與師資訓練的經驗以及對教材的密切度皆都影響著讀寫師資訓練知識的轉變與現場教學應用的多寡。
An overarching goal of literacy professional development involves its impact on teachers’ classroom practices. However, a direct consideration of this transfer of literacy learning remains unclear. I address this gap by investigating teachers’ transfer of learning from their participation in a professional development event to their classrooms. I capture this intention by asking the question, what supports and drawbacks do teachers encounter when they attempt to transfer professional development proposals into their literacy classroom practices? To answer this question, I conducted a qualitative investigation during teachers’ completion of activities linked to a one year, externally funded professional development project. My findings support the influence of six factors: (1) attitude, (2) compatibility, (3) activation, (4) practice, (5) information flow, and (6) self-loop. In this study, three descriptions of teachers are given to illuminate how each person’s attitudes and perceptions developed in this professional development experience. The findings indicate how these three teachers’ attitudes and perceptions of professional development experiences and commitment to the material influence the transfer of knowledge from the course into the reality of the classrooms.
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