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Title: 國中教師集體效能感、教師自我效能感及教師組織公民行為關聯之研究
Other Titles: The Relationship among Collective Teacher Efficacy, Teacher Self-Efficacy and Qrganizational Citizenshio Behavior among Junior High School Teachers: An Analysis of Multilevel Mediation
Authors: 陳俊瑋
Chun-Wei Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台灣地區國中教師集體效能感、教師自我效能感及教師組織公民行為間的關連。為達到研究目的,本研究採用問卷調查法,以747位國中教師為研究對象,採用教師集體效能信念量表、俄亥俄州教師效能感量表及角色行為量表作為測量工具,藉由階層線性模式與多層次中介效果分析方法,進行資料分析。本研究發現,教師自我效能感與教師集體效能感對於教師組織公民行為具政項預測效果;再者,教師集體效能感可藉由教師自我效能感的中介,正向預測教師組織公民行為。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relartionship among collective teacher efficacy, teacher self-sfficacy and organizational citizenship behavior among junior high school teachers inTaiwan. A total of 747 teachers responded to the Collective Teacher Briefs, the OhioState Teacher Efficacy Scale and the Extra-role Behavior Scale. The hierarchical linear modeling and the analysis of multilevel mediation were used to analyze data. The major findings of the study revealed that teacher self-efficacy could predict teacher organizationl citizenship behavier significant. Collective teacher efficacy could predict teacher organizational citizenship behavior significant;y. Teacher self-efficacy partial mediated the relatiohship between Collective teacher efficacy and teacher organizational citizenship behavior.
Other Identifiers: 3C97A163-A2A8-7E97-E258-97525B436617
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