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Title: 校長跨界領導對學校價值創造影響之研究以組織合作為中介變項
Other Titles: A Study of the Effects of Principal's Cross-border Leadership on Value Creation --Organizational Cooperation as an Intermediary Variable
Authors: 謝傳崇
Chuan-Chung Hsieh
Hsuen-Yun Chung
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究之目的在以學校組織合作為中介變項,探討校長時界領導對學校價們創造的影響。研究方法採川問卷調查法,以國民小學教育人員(包含校長、主任、組長、導師及科任教師)為研究對象,針對桃竹的同縣市各國民小學,採分層隨機抽樣方式進行調查,並使用結構方程模式分析校長跨界領導、學校組織合作與價值創造的關係。研究結果顯示校長跨界領導與組織合作、學校組織合作與價值創造、校長跨界績導與學校價值創造具有顯著的正相關,校長跨界領導對學校組織合作與價值創造有正向的影響,校長跨界領導的實施有助於學校組織的共同合作與提升學校價值的創造,而且校長跨界領導亦會經由學校組織合作的中介效果間接影響價值創造。本研究建議校長善用跨界頓導,提升學校的價值創造,亦可透過組織合作做橋樑,來創造學校的價位。
By using organizational cooperation as an intermediary variable, this study aimed to investigate the effects of principal's cross-border leadership on value creation. Questionnaire survey was used. The questionnaires were given to a random sample of educators (including principals, directors, section chiefs, homeroom teachers and subject teachers) across Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County and Miaoli County. The study used structural equation modeling to verify the linear relationship among cross-border leadership, organization cooperation and value creation. The results indicate that principal's cross-border leadership has a significant positive correlation with school organization and value creation. Principal's cross-border leadership also has a significant positive correlation with school value creation. Principals can implement cross-border leadership to help organization cooperation and to enhance school value creation. In addition, principal's cross-border leadership will indirectly influence value creation. The study suggested that principals implement cross-border leadership to enhance organization value creation and to create school value via organization cooperation.
Other Identifiers: 2CE8FBFB-B61A-C287-D352-10FE3E045F5D
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