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Title: 小學中年級學童詞素覺識與閱讀理解之相關研究
Other Titles: The Relationship between MorphologicalAwareness and Chinese ReadingComprehension in the 3rd and 4th Grade Students in Taiwan
Authors: 王宣患
Hsuan-Hui Wang, Li-Yu Hung,Yu-Min Ku
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究冒在探討詞素覺識與閱讀理解的關係。研究中以大臺北地區共277名國小三、四年級學童為研究對象,採取相關分析之設計,探討全體學生詞素覺識、詞彙量以及閱讀理解之間的關係。詞彙覺識綜合文獻所涵蓋的成分包括「言司素區辨覺識」、「語意部件覺識」、「釋詞覺識」、「構詞覺識」與「構詞規則覺識」等五類,資料採皮爾森積差相關、淨相關、不同的迴歸分析進行分析與解釋。本研究主要發現詞素覺識對閱讀理解具有獨特預測力,詞素覺識與閱讀理解不僅有顯著相關,且在控制智力與詞彙量因素後,對閱讀理解仍具有獨立的解釋力,五個成分中,以釋詞覺識、構詞覺識、語意部件覺識三變項對閱讀理解有最穩定的預測關係,而以釋詞覺識之預測力最佳,在不同的控制條件下,詞素覺識對閱讀理解之預測解釋量各有不同。
The study aims to investigate the relationship between morphologicalawareness and Chinese reading comprehension. Participants were composed of 277the 3rd- and 4th- grade students 企om the primary schools in the northern Taiwan. Allthe participants were administrated with the Chinese morphological awareness,including the assessment of m。中heme discrimination, semantic radical awareness,morpheme interpretation, m。中heme construction, and construction rule awareness.The data was analyzed by the Pearson's correlation and multiple regression toinvestigate the relationship between morphological awareness, vocabulary, andreading comprehension. The major findings indicate that morphological awareness isnot only significantly correlated with reading comprehension, but also makessignificant unique contribution to reading comprehension even after controllingintelligence and vocabulary. There are three components of morphologicalawareness to significantly predict reading comprehension: morpheme inte中retation,morpheme construction, and semantic radical awareness. The most powe品11predictor is morpheme interpretation. While controlling IQ or vocabulary to deletethe co-variation of these variables, the conibution of morphological awareness tothe reading comprehension slightly varies.According to the findings, recommendations for fu個re studies and pedagogyare made.
Other Identifiers: 1B98E065-A5BB-0E6F-3A69-920E0A8FC144
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