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Title: 成為女孩:少女雜誌作為女孩培力與性別教育之資源
Other Titles: Becoming a Girl: Teen Magazines as a Resource for Empowerment and Gender Education in Girls
Authors: 楊幸真
Hsing-Chen Yang
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究運用民族誌,企圖瞭解女學生在學校閱讀少女雜誌的情境脈絡與意義,從中獲得哪些性別學習與建構性別認同。本研究發現,女學生消費少女雜誌的主因是,它觸及了她們生活中所存在的真實問題與苦惱。這些苦惱包括需要友情與同伴、需要面對自己的身體變化,以及對性、愛和美好未來的相望。少女雜誌是她們減輕個人苦惱與面對慾望的文化資源,並能提供一些可能的解決之道與希望,以成就一個符合社會和個人期望的女性身體與自我。在校園生活中,親近少女雜誌是成為「夠格女孩」與投注異性戀陰柔特質阻力最小的一條路。身為女孩,意味著必須不斷和各種哦你論述,尤其是支配性別論述進行協商。少女雜誌的父權意識型態與身體美學,對她們雖具有影響力,缺不是絕對的支配性。本文強調,青少女透過消費少女雜誌所作出的身體與情慾實踐,應將它視為一種女孩力量,也就是一種企圖去掌握、主導身體未完成性的力量,企圖借助自己所擁有的資源去銘刻自己的身體和實作性別。這種力量是一種自我培力的方式,來自於日常生活中活生生的性別經驗與奮鬥,這種女孩力量應該被看見和重視。
This study uses entnography to explore the context and significance of female students reading teen magazines in schools; it also determines the sexuality and gender knowledge and methods for consturcting gender identification girls derive from these magazines. The findings of this study indicate that young females read teen magazines because teen magazines touch upon th daily fears and uncertainties of these youg girls. These fears and uncertainties include eagerness for friendship and company, bodily changes, and desires for sexual experiences, love, and a bright future. Teen magazines serve as a cultural resource through which girls can calm their fears and face their desires. They also provide possible approaches and hope for solving problems, aiding in the achievement of body shape and identity fulfilling social and personal expectation. In a school setting, reading teen magazines is the easiest way for these girls to feel"girlie" and display heterosexualized femininity. During the process of becoming a girl, females must contunually negotiate various sexual and gender discourses, especially the dominant versions of these discourses. Although patriachal ideology and body aesthetics in teen magazines may influence teenage girls to some extent, these girls are not completely dominated by these ideas. This study emphasizes should be considered a type of girl power; it is an attempt to grasp and dominate the not yet completed power of the body, and an attempt to control the body and practice gender using the resources at hand. This girl power is a method of empowerment that developes from the gender experiences and struggles of daily life; it must be recognized and valued.
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