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Title: 敘事課程之文本選擇與組織原則探究
Other Titles: The Principles of Selecting Narrative Texts and Content Organization for a Narrative Curriculum
Authors: 簡良平
Liang-Ping Jian
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本文目的在論述敘事課程內容的文本選擇原則與課程組織原則,主要以敘事文本為範疇,藉以引導學童進入敘事理解與敘事活動,達成提升其語文識能的目標。敘事文本選擇區分為內容選擇及形式選擇,前者包含符合教育目的之道德與智識內涵、學童社會認同與文化理解需求、心理發展與情意滿足等原則的判斷;後者,係指敘事文本形式選擇,乃評選其是否具備敘事要素、敘事結構、敘事言說特質表達完整的意義,適合學童演練敘事理解策略及參與敘事活動者。課程組織以順序性及統整性考量,前者參照學童概念認知與心理發展階段、敘事文本知識內涵與言說形態,連續組織敘事文本順序;後者統整性組織指主題閱讀規劃,由文本含括議題連結學童生活經驗及其他領域的知識學習,或篩選敘事文本脈絡的社會問題作為探索標的,發展應用知識於讀、寫敘事活動,提升解決問題的行動力,敘事成為課程實施架構。本文討論課程慎思原則,希冀教師課程決定之際多與參照,考量融入學校課程系統,提升敘事課程質踐性。
The purposes of this paper are to connect the concepts of literacy, text and curriculum, and to focus on exploring the principles of choosing narrative texts and organizing them into a narrative curriculum. Text content is evaluated to examine if the meanings of the narrative text content meet educational goals, to examine how the narrators form social context and guide the audit to confirm self-identity and social identity, and to examine how text content affects student thinking in developing optimistic emotions through reading activities. When choosing narrative text forms, one must evaluate the narrative elements, narrative structure, and narrative styles all in the text context, and determine if the narrator connected every part to the entire meaning of the story.The principle of organizing narrative curriculum content requires an exploration of the relationships between the structure of narrative texts and the stages of children's literacy development. Teachers can develop a thematic curriculum in order to encourage reading narrative texts in sequence, and design an integrated curriculum through asking questions from the context of stories, choosing one of the questions to form the exploring activities across other disciplines, and finding the resolution with their students so as to react with reading and writing in real situations. Finally, we can elevate students' literacy through narrative curriculum implementation in the school system.
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