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Title: 從教師的學習經驗探討其教學信念與教學行為之塑造
Other Titles: Understanding the Shaping of Teachers' Teaching Beliefs and Behaviours Through Their Learning Experiences: Case Studies
Authors: 譚彩鳳
Choi-Fung Tam
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 粵語是香港人的共通方言,隨著香港回歸中國,學習普通話的需求殷切,而中小學課程也增設普通話教學。西方的研究指出,塑造教師信念的來源是多元化的,然而,卻沒有探討塑造教師信念的關鍵因素。本研究以個案形式,探討四位香港普通話教師的生命歷程,藉此揭示塑造教師教學信念及教學行為的關鍵因素。研究以日的取樣為原則,比較兩組不同教育文化背景的教師,其中一組以粵語為母語,在香港土生土長;另一組來自中國大陸,粵語並不是他們的母語。研究主要以半結構訪談及課堂觀察蒐集資料,輔以檔案分析。研究發現,深刻的語言學習經驗,對教學信念的影響最大,並支配教學行為。本研究也揭示普通話教學的爭論問題與教學信念有密切關係。
Cantonese is the common dialect in Hong Kong. Given the increasing demand of Putonghua learning pertinent to the reunification of Hong Kong with Mainland China, Putonghua teaching has been included in primary and secondary curricula. Studies from the West have revealed that there are a variety of sources shaping teacher beliefs, little studies, however, have explored the critical factor that shapes teaching beliefs and teaching behaviours. Case studies had been employed, with the aim to fill the gap, by exploring the life histories of four Putonghua teachers of Hong Kong with different educational and cultural background. They had been purposefully selected and allocated into two different groups for comparison, i.e. Two Cantonese speakers who were born and grew up in Hong Kong versus two nonCantonese speakers who were born and grew up on the Mainland. Data were collected from the teachers using interviews and observations, supplemented with documentary analysis. The findings showed that the specific language learning experience exerts greater influence on teaching beliefs which in tum affect teaching behaviours. This paper also highlights that some controversial issues over Putonghua teaching are closely related to teaching beliefs.
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