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Title: 「自我」與「大眾」的辯證:以現代詩論戰為觀察中心
Other Titles: The Dialectics between “the Self” and “the People:”The Discussion on the Modern Poetry Polemic
Authors: 林巾力
Lin, Chin-li
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature, NTNU
Abstract: 發生於七○年代初期的現代詩論戰被認為是鄉土論戰的前哨,它的發生,大抵被歸因於國際局勢丕變所激起的民族意識高漲。但若從現代詩本身的發展來看,不難發現崛起於五○年代中期的現代主義詩歌在六○年代初期取得了文學合法地位之後,其陣營內部也開始出現許多不滿與反省的聲音,同時也展開了融合現代主義技巧於本土現實的思考。本文以「現代詩論戰」(1972-1974)為觀察主軸,並將考察的範圍往前延伸至現代主義的發展初期,藉以分析它究竟如何醞釀了日後遭受質疑的原因。本研究也特別將問題意識聚焦於「自我」與「大眾」概念的消長與辯證,也就是去探討「自我」與「大眾」如何一再成為文學論述的重點?隨「自我」與「大眾」消長的文學關懷有哪些?詩人與評論家們對於「自我」與「大眾」又是有著怎樣的想像?他們如何透過「自我」與「大眾」的概念來建構詩學?最後,是探討這看似兩相對立的概念果真是扞格不入的兩個極端,抑或曾經有過相互啟迪與融合的曲折過程?
The Modern Poetry Polemic which took place in the early 1970s is regarded as the harbinger of the debate surrounding Taiwanese Native Literature. This Polemic is generally believed to have been triggered by the rising nationalism which was due to continuous diplomatic setbacks. However, the literary cause for the polemic should not be overlooked.This reflection on modernist literature has been underway since the mid-1960s, when Taiwanese modernist literature was at its peak. By focusing on the discussion of the ModernPoetry Polemic, this paper explores how the concepts of “the self” and “the people” became controversial topics. The aims of this paper are, firstly, to analyze how the poets and writers imagine “the self” and “the people.” Secondly, it will look at how the concepts of “the self” and “the people” are imagined and practiced. Finally, the author will consider the argument against the compatibility of these two concepts and propose that they are not only compatible but inseparable.
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