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Title: 《臺省民主歌》作者與腔調的探討
Other Titles: A Study of the Authorship and Accents of the Song of Taiwan Democracy
Authors: 施炳華
Si, Ping-hua
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: 臺灣語文學系
Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature, NTNU
Abstract: 本文研究歌仔冊《臺省民主歌》的作者身分及腔調,以上海點石齋書局出版的《臺省民主歌》為主。前吉交待本書的重要,以下分為四大項:一、介紹《臺省民主歌》的三種版本及五種註釋;二、本書的作者身分探討;三、本書的腔調屬性-台北泉州腔,就四個角度來探討; (一)由歌中透露的地點-錫口(今松山區) ,是屬於台北新安溪腔。(二)由韻腳字觀察:有普遍性的泉腔,及特殊的泉腔。(三)有特殊泉腔聲調。(四)有特殊泉腔語詞。四、《臺省民主歌》的疑難語詞試解,列舉筆者解答的四條疑難語詞。最後是結論。
The study probes the authorship and accents of the Song of Taiwan Democracy (臺省民主歌), published by the Tian-shih Bookstore(點石齋書局) in Shanghai. The paper is divided into four parts: 1) introduction, the three texts and five annotated editions of the Song of Taiwan Democracy, 2) its authorship, 3) its attribute of the accents: Taipei Tsuan-tsiu accent, 4) its problematic phrases, and finally, the conclusion.
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