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Title: 英語教育的基礎建設
Other Titles: The Infrastructure of English Education
Authors: 蘇復興
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 國中、小九年一貫英語教育的推展是臺灣現代教育史上的一大盛事,它象徵著國內英語教育的施行進入了一個嶄新的里程碑,也代表了臺灣本島一項重要的社會工 程。新制英語教育的施行想要成功,甚至於企求根深柢固,可大可久的局面,必須從長計議,致力於若干基礎建設的開展。這些建設大里上分為若干項目,包括 (一)、確保教師人力的合理分配、(二)、妥善擬定國家語言政策、(三)、積極擴充英語學習資源、(四)、強化英語教育的研究發展。藉由推動這四方面的基 礎建設,我們才可望貫徹九年一貫英語教育的既定目標。
The implementation of Nine-year Continuous English Education at the elementary and junior high school levels signifies a brand-new milestone in the educational history of modern Taiwan. This article illustrates the urgency to build up the infrastructures for English Education at the two levels. Specifically, the author proposes the importance to make efforts in four areas: (1) the equal distribution and employment of English teachers as human resource; (2) the formulation of language policy that guides the reasonable implementation of English education; (3) the expansion and assurance of learning resource for young and adolescent English learners; (4) the establishment of research and development teamwork for English education. Efforts made in these areas will function as the infrastructures that fundamentally sustain the success and progress of newly mandated English education.
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