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Title: Reflection as an Integral Part of the Teacher Training Program
Other Titles: 教師職訓課程中之內省法
Authors: 賴怡秀
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 近年來,"內省"及"內省思考"的方法常出現在許多教師職前或在職進修的課程。為了培養有專業能力、能內省熟思的教學專家,不僅是老師或是實習老師常常被 鼓勵來內省自我的教學、審視自已的教學情況。或許大多數人都聽過"內省法",但是能夠完全了解其理論架構及主要內涵的人卻不多。本文除了介紹"內省法"的 理論架構及重要觀念、探討為何它廣被接受與採納的原因,也根據"內省法"的要義,設計並呈現兩種相關的內省法:"日記研究"及"教學觀摩討論",希望藉此 能喚醒老師自我內在價值和信念的意識,並且激勵老師不斷地自我發展及成長。
In recent years, the approach of 'reflection' or 'reflective thinking' has increasingly appeared in many teacher preparation as well as development programs. To become competent and reflective professionals, both teachers and teacher trainees are often encourage to reflect on their own professional practice and review that they have done in their teaching career. Probably most people have heard of the term 'reflection', but few seem to have a full understanding the underlying theories and main concepts of this approach. In this paper, some important concepts of the reflective approach will first be introduced and the reasons why it is widely accepted and adopted will also be explored. Then, based on the key ideas of reflection, two related activities, 'Journal Study' and 'Classroom Observation and Discussion,' will be presented. Hopefully, teachers' awareness of their inner values as well as beliefs will be raised to some extent, and their development and growth may gradually be initiated.
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