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Title: Voices from the Language Classroom
Other Titles: 專家教師閱讀教學互動性決定之研究
Authors: 江麗琴
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討科技大學英語閱讀教學專家教師在教學互動時之教學決定本質,並辨認影響其教學行為的理論模式。相關研究指出,教學互動時教師的決定不僅涉及維持已建立的慣例(routine),以確保教學的順利進行,亦含括變更教學前的活動計畫以因應教學內涵衍生的問題。因此本研究係針對大一英文課堂中閱讀教學互動時,影響專家教師教學決定的脈絡因素進行探究。經立意選樣印(purposeful sampling),以一位科技大學閱讀教學專家教師進行一學期的教室觀察,並以教室觀察實地筆記、研究者札記、俗民誌訪談轉錄資料,以及參與教師的教學相關文件資料等進行質性資料分析。研究結果顯示,經驗豐富的專家教師擁有建構良好的基模(或知識結構),能有效地採用各種教學策略,並對於各種教學脈絡因素持續的檢視、評估與反思,而這種複雜的基模增加了教室情境訊息資料的處理能力,也因而成就了教學專業知能。雖然本研究的結果未能概括應用於解釋所有專業教師的教學行為,但卻能促進閱讀教學互動性決定的整體性瞭解。
This study sought to understand the nature of an experienced technological university English teacher's interactive decision-making as he enacted lessons, and to identify the conceptual model that may help explain his teaching practices. Previous lines of research have indicated that, for some teacher's, interactive decision-making involves more than simply maintaining established routines to assure smooth activity flow, and involves deviating from the pre-planned activities to attend to issues of content and pedagogy. In this study, inquiry focused on the contextual factors that would affect the expert teacher's interactive decision-making in a freshmen English classroom context. Using the qualitative method of purposeful sampling, an expert reading instruction teacher was studied for one semester to explore his interactive decision-making processes. Participant observation, field notes, audiotapes, questionnaires and interviews were the data collection procedures used in this study. Results indicated that better developed knowledge structures and effective classroom strategies, along with on-going monitoring, assessments and reflections, constituted this expert teacher's schemata, which in turn increased his skills in processing information in the unpredictable classroom world and led to his expertise in reading instruction. Although the results may not be generalizable to other teachers, they provide a holistic understanding of and fruitful insights for reading instruction.
Other Identifiers: EB948B45-8E93-B6B5-07F4-3F32D993FE02
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