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Title: Perceptions of Receiving-Site Students of Inter-University Videoconferencing Foreign Language Courses
Other Titles: 收播端學生對跨校外語視訊課程之意見與看法
Authors: Huey-Nah Cindy Chou
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 由愈來愈多的大專校院提供遠距教學課程的現況可以發現,教育界對遠距教學的需求正快速提高。此一趨勢也出現在外語教學領域,遠距教學協助提供更多外語學習的管道與機會。自95學年度上學期開始,台灣中部某大學開始與國立政治大學合作,開設多門跨校同步外語視訊課程。本研究報告探討選修外語視訊課程學生對於教學品質、學習態度、及視訊科技的意見與看法。資料蒐集方法包括問卷調查及個人訪談。研究發現顯示基於視訊科技品質不穩定,學生對於整體視訊外語教學及學習效率普遍持保留態度,但是對於教師的教學熱誠表示贊同。研究結果顯示視訊外語課程需加強師生及同儕間的課內與課外互動,教師訓練需著重於視訊模式教材教法與科技認識等方向,教學方式需有效利用多媒體科技及多元教材,而視聽品質及拍攝角度則須妥善規劃與管理。本研究報告將有助於未來外語及英語視訊課程的設計、管理、教學、及科技應用。
A growing number of institutions of higher education are offering distance education courses. Through distance education, more foreign language learning opportunities can now become accessible to those who need training. In the 2006 fall semester, a university in central Taiwan started broadcasting inter-university videoconferencing foreign language (VCFL) courses produced by the National Cheng-Chi University in northern Taiwan. This paper presents the findings of the perceptions of the first group of students enrolled in the VCFL classes. To investigate student perceptions, a questionnaire focusing primarily on instructional effectiveness, student participation, and technological issues of the learning environment was distributed. Moreover, semi-structured interviews were conducted to substantiate the quantitative data and to illustrate major opinions of the students on VCFL. Findings of this study can contribute to the understanding of factors related to distance foreign language learning including learning English as a foreign language (EFL), instructional strategies in videoconferencing, course management, and technologies of the VCFL courses. It can also provide implications for pedagogical techniques and instructional guidelines for future inter-university videoconferencing foreign language, including English as a foreign language, programs.
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