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Title: 大學外語科系的中譯英教學
Other Titles: Teaching Chinese-to-English Translation in Foreign Language Departments: The Nexus between Translation Teaching and English Teaching
Authors: 張嘉倩
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 中英翻譯課程列為大學英語科系選修或必修課程行之有年。本研究以行動研究方式,描述翻譯教師如何針對以中文為母語的學生英語篇章能力不足的問題,在中譯英課程設計增添語料庫與文本分析工具等英語教學相關元素。研究以問卷調查學生對新增添課程元素之反應,並分析學生期末學習歷程檔案所收錄的作業、譯註與學習過程省思,以探討課程設計之成效。研究結果發現,語料庫工具能提供豐富的語言支援,增進學生翻譯至外語的自信與品質,系統功能語言學的篇章分析與文體分析,則能有效增進學生對英語篇章結構的瞭解,對增進學生中譯英之篇章意識有明顯助益。文末針對大學英語科系的中譯英課程設計與英譯中課程之不同考量,提出一些具體建議。
Chinese/English Translation has long been an essential part of the curriculum of English Departments in Taiwan. This paper presents an action research of a Chinese-to-English translation class where the instructor tried to address the problem of Chinese students' insufficient knowledge of English discourse by incorporating corpora and text analysis tools into the course. The data collection includes an end-of-course questionnaire and the translation assignments, translator' notes and self-reflection from students' learning portfolio. The results show that corpus resources can enhance students' confidence and performance when translating into a foreign language, while text analysis tools derived from functional linguistics can help students become more aware of the English discourse structure crucial to the development of Chinese-to-English translation competence. Some suggestions are proposed for designing Chinese-to-English translation courses, taking into account the specific challenges students face when translating into their foreign language.
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