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Title: Toward Student and Teacher Development
Other Titles: 多元英語課室評量:一個師生學習發展的行動研究
Authors: 陳玉美
Issue Date: Jan-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文報告一個運用多元課室評量,探討師生學習發展的行動研究。研究參與對象是兩班75 位七年級學生和英文老師,資料蒐集進行一學年,包含訪談、課室觀察、教師反思札記、及學生學習歷程檔案。研究發現多元評量帶動學生多樣學習,不但增進英語技能,更增強英語學習興趣及信心、促進學習自主、激發多樣智能和批判性思考能力。研究進行期間,研究教師面臨許多挑戰,他們不但必須對抗傳統測驗文化的價值觀、面對程度參差不齊的班級、及處理學生學習適應的報怨;實施多元評量的同時,他們也憂心自己專業的不足、疑慮學習單的濫用。為了解決問題、鞏固評量知能,老師們建立專業互享的機制,並調整課程設計及教學策略。研究結果顯示多元評量不僅增強學生能力、促進深度學習,更驅動教師不斷進行專業成長。論文最後提出教學建議及未來研究方向。
This study aimed to apply a multiple approach to English classroom assessment at the secondary school level and investigate student and teacher development during the multiple assessment practices. Participants were 75 seventh graders and their English teachers of two junior high schools in southern Taiwan. Data were collected throughout an entire academic year from interviews, classroom observations, teachers' reflective notes, and students' portfolios. The study found that the multiple assessment approach helped develop students' language skills, English interest and confidence, learner ownership, extralinguistic abilities, and critical thinking. During the implementation process, the teachers encountered challenges or difficulties from the traditional testing culture, classes of mixed English proficiency, students' complaint, professional knowledge deficiency, and worksheet overuse. To tackle the problems and consolidate their knowledge of the assessment practices, they created a support network and modified pedagogical strategies and designs. Findings of the study suggested that the multiple assessment approach not only empowers students and enhances deep learning, but also drives continued teacher development. Pedagogical implications and research suggestions are also provided.
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