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Title: 淺介培養英語教師應用資訊科技能力於教學的網路資源
Other Titles: Introducing Web-based Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) Courses and Resources for In-Service EFL Teachers
Authors: 陳浩然
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 英語能力在二十一世紀競爭中,越顯得重要。各先進國家使用科技來提昇英語教學的成效已有外年的經驗。為了全極提升臺灣電腦輔助英語教學的成效,讓英語老師 得到適當的培育訓練是應努力的方向。限於時間和地點的限制,大部分英語教師無法參加研討會或訓練。而最近興起的電腦網路學習環境應可以探供在職的英語教師 一個較方便的進修管道。本文介紹國內國外的相關的網站及課程,英由教師可多加利用隨時充實有關以電腦科技輔助英語教學各種知識及技能。
English language competence has become more and more important in today's world. Using computer technology to enhance second/foreign language learning is not a new practice. For over 30 years, researchers and teachers worldwide have been using computer technology in teaching foreign language. In recent years, some Taiwanese teachers have begun to incorporate TELL/CALL (computer assisted language learning) into English language education. However TELL/CALL remains not popular among Taiwanese teachers, and may in-service English teachers are not able to catch up with the rapid development of information technology. Without proper trainings, English teachers will not be able to incorporate technology into teaching. In fact, the web is an ideal platform to deliver online courses and trainings. Language teachers can gain access to web courses and resources from any place at anytime. In responding to the pressing needs of Taiwanese EFL teachers, in this paper we introduce various web-based TELL/CALL courses and resources to in-service Taiwanese teachers. It is expected that more English teachers will make good use of these local and international resources and will try to better integrate computer and information technology into their teaching.
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