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Title: WebQuest在英語教學上的運用
Other Titles: Designing WebQuest for EFL Instruction: An Analysis of High School Teachers' Experiences
Authors: 招靜琪
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 電腦輔助英語教學相關的教師發展課程,經常以技術訓練為主,造成一般老師以為不具備電腦技術'就沒有參與的空間,更由於無法指出新的教學思考方向,也容易造成老師對科技的失望。本研究利用WebQuest 帶領老師們思考英語教學的內涵,探討過程中老師們如何考量教學設計,而又如何能夠將相關理念落實於作品中。經過記錄並深入分析22 名學員課堂討論內容、設計出來的作品、以及課後之間卷與反思發現,以WebQuest 帶動教師反思教學方式以及態度,特別是在資訊融入英語教學的課題上,學員的反應是正面且深刻的。筆者認為這樣以作品帶動教學省忍的方式,比電腦技術為主的教師訓練,更具個人學習意義。
When it comes to integrating computers into language teaching, technology and technical skills are often the focus of teacher professional development. What is more important is actually giving teachers opportunities to examine assumptions in EFL teaching and technology use. This study attempted to provide such opportunities and derive imp!ications for EFL teacher professional development by using WebQuest, an inquiry-based teaching method. Twenty-two high school EFL teachers in Taiwan developed Webquest projects in a summer graduate-level course on theory and practice of computer-assisted language leaming. Their classroom discussion, WebQuest assignment, reflection, and responses to a questionnaire were analyzed in order to understand how these teachers dealt with the requirement of designing and developing a WebQuest project. It is found that WebQuest did challenge their assumptions and beliefsabout teaching and al10w them to start thinking differently about technology-supported classroom activities. Implications for helping teachers integrate technology into the EFL curriculum are discussed.
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