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Title: 英語教室中的數位教學與學習:三位專家教師教學實施之比較
Other Titles: Integrating CALL into English Classrooms: A Case Study of Three Expert Teachers with CALL Experience
Authors: 周啟葶
Chi-Ting Chou
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以三位專家教師為對象,探討他們英語課室內實施電腦輔助語言學習 (Computer Assisted Language Learning, CALL) 的情形。本研究採個案研究法,從專家教師的教學信念、教學行動和學生對專家教師教學的回應三個面向來了解專家教師實施CALL的情形。結果發現,三位專家教師運用電腦輔助語言學習的信念可歸納出四個目的,即是 ( 一) 強化學生英語聽說讀寫能力、( 二) 教導學生運用多媒體、數位學習和線上學習資源、( 三) 增進學生認識不同文化,和 ( 四) 提升學生的學習動機。三位專家教師的教學信念皆形塑其教學行動,因而呈現不同的教學面貌。其中兩位教師偏向培養學生理解和溝通能力,一位教師偏向強化學生學術閱讀和寫作訓練。雖然三位專家教師產生的教學成效略有不同,但均能提高學生聽、說、讀、寫的學習成效,並強化學生運用數位資源解決英語學習問題的能力,也提高學生英語學習動機,和降低學習焦慮。最後,根據研究結果提出對教學和後續研究建議。
This study investigates the perspectives of three expert teachers on integrating computer assisted language learning (CALL) into English classrooms. The research uses the multiple-case study method to investigate the use of CALL by exploring pedagogical beliefs and actions adopted by expert teachers when using CALL, and student feedback of the classroom performance of expert teachers through classroom observation, recording, interviews, and related information. The results suggested that the three expert teachers had four objectivesin using CALL: (1) to reinforce students’ English skills, (2) to instruct students to use multimedia, e-learning, and online resources, (3) to enable students to explore other cultures, and (4) to improve their learning motivation. The beliefs of the three expert teachers shaped their teaching actions. Two of them emphasized student understanding and communication, while the third focused on developing students’ academic reading and writing skills. While the teaching outcomes achieved by the expert teachers varied, all resulted in an improvement in language skills and strengthened their ability to use digital learning resources to solve English learning problems, as well as an increase in learning motivation and lowering learning anxiety. This study concludes by providing suggestions for teaching and subsequent research.
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