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Title: "You Shouldn't Have Done That!"
Other Titles: 「你不該這麼做!」:對於合宜抱怨的看法之跨文化研究
Authors: 洪綺吟
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究探討台灣英語學習者在不同情況中對合宜抱怨策略的看法,以及其策略選擇與兩個社會變項-社會地位與社會距離的關係。此外,英語學習者的策略選擇也與英語母語及中文母語的使用者相比較。本研究所使用的語料工具為選擇題,每題內含代表不同抱怨策略的六個選項:(1)暗示,(2)表達不滿,(3)明確抱怨,(4)控訴及警告,(5)威脅與咒罵,以及(6)沉默。除去沉默之外,其他抱怨策略的嚴厲程度自(1)至(5)遞增。以卡方對選擇題組所得到的語料進行量化分析,結果顯示三組受試者的策略選擇有顯著的差異性,且英語學習者傾向比另外兩組母語使用者嚴厲。此外,社會地位與社會距離似乎對三組的策略選擇皆有影響。最後,本論文對於研究結果以及可能造成三組之間差異性的原因也加以討論。
This study investigated English learners' perceptions of appropriate complaint strategies in different situations. It also explored the relationship between their choices of complaint strategies and two variables, status and social distance. Strategies selected by the learners were compared to those chosen by native English speakers and native Chinese speakers. The instrument was a multiple-choice task, and the options displayed in each scenario represented six complaint strategies: (1) hint, (2) expression of annoyance or disapproval, (3) explicit complaint, (4) accusation and warning, (5) immediate threat and curse, and (6) opting out. Excluding opting out (silence), the severity level of the strategy categories increased from (1) to (5). The elicited data were processed by SPSS 12, using Chi-square analyses. The results showed that the three groups significantly differed in their strategy selection, and that the learners tended to be severer than the two native groups in their strategy choices. In addition, social status and distance appeared to significantly determine the three groups' selection of complaint strategies. Finally, possible causes for the findings and inter-group differences are discussed.
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