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Title: 多模式呈現英語寫作
Other Titles: Multi-Semiotic Representations of EFL Writing: A Case Study of Young Writers in Taiwan
Authors: 曾月紅
Yueh-Hung Tseng
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採記號學的觀點來研究臺灣兒童的英語寫作,其研究目的是要了解兒童如何以多模式來呈現英語寫作。此研究為一個案研究,研究對象為一年級(七歲)至六年級(十二歲)的學生,研究方法是透過這些研究對象教寫英文的方式來探究他們如何呈現英語寫作。研究發現兒童會使用多模式來呈現英文,例如幾何和自然形狀,同時也說明了語言是一種多模式的思考方式。
This study applies a multi-semiotic perspective to investigation of EFL writing as represented by Taiwanese children. The study intends to understand the multimodal nature of EFL writing. This case study draws its data from students in grade one (age 7) to grade six (age 12). Students were required to write in English and to “teach” writing in order to reveal how they represent English writing. The study found that young writers use various semiotic resources to represent English, including shapes, both natural and geometric. This study provides an alternative to currently dominant single-modal (language only) perceptions of writing.
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