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Title: 英語教材教法與評量研究
Other Titles: English Teaching Materials, Methodology, and Student Assessment: A Comparative Study of the Perceptions of Junior College Students and Teachers
Authors: 蘇紹雯
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究藉由問卷調查方式,統計量化方法,以隨機抽樣14所技專校院的五專部學生與英語老師,調查師生對五專英語課程之教材教法與學生評量實施情況的意見,並對老師與學生觀點之差異性作分析比較,旨在了解教師選用的教材、教法與評量方式受到學生喜愛與接受之情形。另外,本研究也對12位應外系科主任或英文科召集人進行相關議題之訪談,以收集深入的質性資料,對師生同意的議題加以探討。研究結果顯示出師生看法迥異:(一)學生對老師所使用的教材之滿意度明顯地比教師低;(二)學生傾向於教科書及教材之選擇彈性化,此與教師普遍採用統一教材的情形大異其趣;(三)教師使用的教材內容無法完全切合學生學習的需求與興趣;(四)師生間對課堂教學活動之認知存在極大的差異,特別是文化教學與課堂聽講之教學活動。然而,師生對評量學生學習成果議題看法一致,即雙方皆贊成採納自由命題模式。本文最後提出一些有關五專英語教育的建議,提供英語教師與學校行政單位參考。
This study examined the perspectives of EFL teachers and students towards the implementation of the English curriculum in junior colleges. The investigation focused on the perceptions of teachers and students concerning teaching materials, teaching methods, and assessment. Fourteen institutions were randomly sampled to participate in this study. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were adopted. A questionnaire was utilized to collate data from 1,236 students and 89 teachers. Interviews were also conducted with twelve head teachers to elicit information that might not have been apparent in the answers to the questionnaire. Results showed that there were perceptional discrepancies between the teachers and students: (1) Students showed lower levels of satisfaction toward the teaching materials in use. (2) Teachers' use of standardized materials in their practice was at odds with a student preference for a flexible practice where teachers would be allowed to select their own teaching materials. (3) Teachers' choices of content failed to completely cater to students’ interests. (4) Students and teachers differed in their perspectives on teaching methods, especially, in the areas of culture teaching and lecturing. The study provides suggestions for implementing an English curriculum at junior colleges.
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