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Title: 全美語幼稚園如何影響幼兒(3-7歲)對本土語言及文化的認同及觀感
Other Titles: The Influence of Kindergarten English Immersion Programs on Children's (3-7 Years Old) Perceptions of Their Native Language and Culture: A Case Study
Authors: 陳雅鈴
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 台灣目前盛行一股全美語幼稚園的風潮,許多家長紛紛將幼童送往這些以美語為主要教學及溝通工具的幼稚園。許多學者及家長擔心全美語幼稚園可能導致幼童貶低自己的本土語言及文化。此研究的主要目的即是探討全美語幼稚園對於幼兒語言及文化觀感上造成何種影響?全美語幼稚園學童是否展現對中文及中華文化的負面觀感?研究對象為一所台灣知名的全美語連鎖幼稚園。資料收集及分析主要採用質性研究的觀察、訪談、及文件收集。結果顯示全美語幼稚園的學童並沒有顯現出貶低本土語言及文化的觀感。針對這個結果,本文從全美語幼稚園的混合型語言文化、幼童的語言能力、學校執行全美語的方式、及社區家庭對母語的支持等方面深入探討其原因。文末針對全美語幼稚園教師要如何處理幼兒面對兩種語言及文化的衝擊提出一些具體建議。
Kindergarten English immersion programs (EIPs) have prevailed in Taiwan in recent years. Many parents send their children to EIPs' in which English is the main teaching and communication tool. Many scholars and parents are concerned about EIPs' negative influence on the children's perceptions of their native language and culture. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate whether or not, and to what extent kindergarten EIPs influence young children's perceptions of their native language and culture. Specifically, this study attempts to explore whether EIP children develop negative perceptions of their native culture and language. The participating kindergarten of this study belongs to one of the nationwide networks of EIPs in Taiwan. Qualitative research methods including interview, observation, and document collection were used to collect data. The results of this study revealed that EIP children did not, in general, show negative perceptions of their native language and culture. This can be explained in terms of the kindergarten's hybrid culture and language, children's limited English ability, implementation of the "no Chinese" policy in the kindergarten, and the support of native language and culture in family and community contexts. Based on the findings, some suggestions are proposed for EIP educators to help children deal with the possible problems when encountering a new language and culture.
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