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Title: 直接的英語搭配詞教學與單字學習動機對大學生搭配詞及閱讀回憶表現之影響
Other Titles: Effects of Explicit English-Collocation Instruction and Vocabulary-Learning Motivation on L2 Collocation and Reading-Recall Performances
Authors: 林明佳
Kai Schnabel Cortina
Ming-Chia Lin, Kai Schnabel Cortina
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討兩週的直接搭配詞教學、單字學習動機對臺灣非英語系大學生的英語搭配詞表現及含有搭配詞的閱讀回憶之影響。我們先實施英語閱讀能力測驗、兩份單字自我檢核的測驗、英語單字學習動機的問卷。接著實施兩週的實驗:單字相關的教學,搭配詞測驗,英文文本閱讀,中文的閱讀回憶。實驗組(25人)接受13個搭配詞的直接教學,控制組(25人)則接受搭配詞中每個實詞的直接教學。資料分析採用多變項變異數分析,以週數為重複量數、組別、單字學習動機為自變項,又以閱讀能力測驗表現、兩次不含有搭配詞的閱讀回憶表現為共變項。結果顯示,整體的單字相關教學的週數、分組變項有交互作用(η^2 = 0.181)。明確的交互作用(週數、分組變項)則出現在含有搭配詞的閱讀回憶之中(η^2 = 0.172),顯示實驗組閱讀回憶的跨週表現比控制組好。此發現驗證了跨週的搭配詞直接教學對學生英語閱讀發展的成效,也支持此種教學法的可行性。
The aim of the study is to investigate the interrelations between the weekly effect of vocabulary-related instruction and the effects of explicit collocation instruction and motivation on second language (L2) collocation performance and recall with collocations (RC) of non-English major undergraduates in Taiwan. The experiment administered a reading-proficiency test, L2 vocabulary-learning motivation questionnaire, and 2 self-check vocabulary tests over 3 weeks. Then, the experiment delivered a 2-week treatment: Vocabulary-related instruction, collocation test, text-reading, and reading-recall in L1. The experimental group (n = 25) received explicit instruction on 13 collocations, while the control (n = 25) received explicit instruction on each content word of the collocations. Data-analysis was performed using a three-way multivariate analysis of variance that entailed a repeated measure of week and 2 independent variables (i.e., group, motivation), alongside 3 covariates (i.e., reading-comprehension test, 2 recalls without the collocations). The results showed an overall interaction effect of weekly treatment and group on the combination of Collocation tests and RCs (η^2 = 0.181), and a specific interaction effect of week and group solely on RCs (η^2 = 0.172), suggesting the experimental group outperformed the control in RC increase. The findings confirm effectiveness of explicit collocation instruction, and support the feasibility of tailoring the instruction over several weeks to facilitate L2 reading development.
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