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Title: 跨越文學與電影的英語視聽教材之應用
Other Titles: The Application of a Film Adapted from Greek Mythology for EFL Listening Comprehension
Authors: 姚憶倩
Issue Date: Jan-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 逢甲大學為大一學生安排一星期一小時的「英語聽講訓練課程」。然而一星期一小時的英聽課仍不足以平衝學生讀寫與聽說能力的落差,於是鼓勵學生在教室的外的 學習顯得更為重要。本研究主要目的是教導學生利用電視的英語節目、CD-ROM光碟或DVD等設備學習英語,加強英聽能力。現選擇《(非)強力春藥》(即 《Mighty Aphrodite》)這一部電影,作為英文課示範教弟。本論文分四部分:一、前言;二、收集文學作品改編成電影的資料編纂教材;三、教學方法及評估; 四、結論。
Ninety-seven first year university students participated in this study. They were non-English major students form two classes, having reached a low-intermediate proficiency level. The author taught both classes a non-credit English listening and Speaking Practice course for one academic year. There was a great disparity between reading skills among these students. It is noted that listening is the foundation of language acquisition. Feyten discovered a positive correlation between listening ability and foreign language acquisition. Therefore, it is crucial to improve students' listening ability inside and outside EFL classrooms. Most language teachers acknowledge that films or videos expose students to authentic materials and enhance overall comprehension as well as unfamiliar cultural concepts. Given The fact that students in Taiwan have easy access to English TV programs as well as DVD technology, the author attempted to seek ways to optimize EFL students' comprehension of English with an "authentic" film-Mighty Aphrodite. This paper consists of four parts: I. Introduction; II. The application of a film adapted from a literary work in EFL classroom; III. Methodology and evaluation; and IV. Conclusion.
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