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Title: 課堂活動與學習趣味性、學習效果及口語參與度之關聯
Other Titles: Interactions between Classroom Activity, Enjoyment, Effectiveness, and Oral Participation
Authors: 鄒文莉
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文首在探討學生英語課堂口語參與度與語言學習之間的關係,闡明口語參與之必要緎,接著探討的學生課堂口語參與行為的重要因素,特別是聚焦於溝通式的課堂 教學活動,並針對教師和學生二者比較其在課堂活動點間之異同;此外,探討不同性別、學校體制、系別與地理位置等因素對於學生點的影響情形。根據研究結果, 師生之間對於溝通式活動的觀點確實存在差異,不同背景變項的學生其點亦有所不同。因此本文建議:教師應正視學生對於英語課堂教學活動的不同觀點以彌平師生 間的差距;同時也提出有趣、有效,實質上能增強學生口語參與度的課堂活動以供英語教師參考。
The study discusses the positive relation between oral classroom participation and language proficiency; then explores the important factors that might affect students' oral classroom participation, especially factors related to classroom activities. The views that teachers and students have toward communicative activities were also analyzed. This analysis considered gender, type of school, department and geographic location of the teachers and students. Since differences do exist between teachers and students, it is suggested that teachers take students' views into serious consideration to avoid a mismatch between teaching and learning. Interesting and effective activities for improving students' oral classroom participation are provided. Suggestions on classroom activities for foreign language teachers of learners from different types of schools, departments, geographic locations and genders are also included.
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