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Title: 應用全語文理念於國小英語課程發展與實踐之協同行動研究
Other Titles: Implementing Whole Language in the Elementary School EFL Classroom
Authors: 許月貴
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過行動研究法探討全語文理念應用於國小英語課程發展的實施過程中所產生的問題、困難與因應之措施。本研究以實踐取向的研究方法-行動研究法的「四個流動循環」:計畫、行動、觀察、省思,為研究進行的主要模式。研究過程中輔以質性研究方法進行資料蒐集與分析,資料蒐集之內容包含教室觀察記錄與錄影、教師訪談、教學討論記錄、研究者省思札記以及學生學習檔案等,並在資料之整理與分析過程中進行不同資料的相互檢核驗證,期能真實呈現研究結果,以增進對於「在國小英語課程應用全語文理念的可行性」以及「協同行動研究過程中教師專業成長」兩個面向的了解。研究結果顯示,結合研究者與實務工作者的協同行動研究有助於了解全語文理念應用於國小英語教學的實施過程以及可能產生的問題與限制。而研究者與協同研究教師在每一次協同教學方案之後的合作省思歷程亦能激發彼此的專業自覺與省思,鼓勵教師進行專業學習,並進一步提昇教與學的品質。
This study aims to explore the process, the problems and difficulties encountered, and the corresponding strategies involved when using whole language in the elementary school EFL classroom. The research procedure of the study incorporates four cyclic moments of action research: planning, action, observation, and reflection. Data were collectedthrough observation, interviews, teaching and reflection notes, the researcher's reflective journals, and students' learning profiles. Triangulation of multiple data sources was employed to increase reliability and validity of the research findings so as to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of applying whole language in the elementary school English classroom, and to better understand teacher development in collaborative action research. The results indicate that collaborative action research was a pivotal mechanism in understanding the process and the constraints of implementing whole language in elementary school English teaching. In addition, the collaborative discussions that occurred regularlythroughout the process have profoundly inspired the reflective awareness and the professional growth of the participants and have further enhanced the quality of teaching and learning.
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