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Title: 國小英語教學師資、教材選用及學童學習現況調查研究
Other Titles: A Survey of Primary School English Education in Miao-li County
Authors: 張玉芳
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 籌備、計畫許久的國小英語教學,已於九十學年度正式開始實施。不少學者於策實施前即針對各地區的英語教學實施況做調查。然而,多數研究乃是針對大都市進行 調查;大都市以外地區之教學實施情形之相關資訊則普遍缺乏。戴維揚及施、張、沈、蘇、曾曾針對全國各區國小英語教學實施現況進行調查,所提之研究報告補充 了學術界、教育界急需的資訊;也提供了行單位極寶貴的資料。然而,其研報告中卻未涵蓋苗栗縣。本研乃針對苗栗縣國小英語教學現況,分師資、教材選用、及學 童學習現況三部份做調查。
A crucial components of educational reform-starting English education from grade 5- began this year. Many studies have examined primary school English education in various cities and counties in Taiwan. Miao-li County had not yet attracted researchers' attention. To fill this gap, this study surveyed 1) the English teaching personnel of elementary schools in Miao-li County; 2) the selection of children's ELT materials in Maio-li County's elementary schools; 3) students' experience of and attitude toward English learning. Two questionnaires were distributed to collect data. One was to English teachers or the principal of each primary school in Miao-li County, the other was to fifth graders. Of a total of 118 primary schools in Miao-li county, 100 responded. As for the fifth grader survey, there were 1018 valid questionnaires. It was found that the majority of Miao-li primary school English teachers are well-trained and prepared, yet uncertified. With regard to the selection of teaching materials, it appeared that most teachers' preferences are identical, though the criteria used to select materials varied. Concerning the students' experience with learning English, the results showed that 68.3% of the participants have studied English.
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