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Title: An Exploratory Study of Influences on L2 Composition Evaluation
Other Titles: 英文作文評閱給分之影響因素的探討
Authors: 張玉芳
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 不同批閱者評間作文時給分的差異性,一直是探討寫作評量時的重要議題。已有研究結果顯示,造成批閱者評閱作文時給分差異之變因包括年齡、母語背景、專業學門背景等變數。此外,批閱作文時所採用的評分模式─概括性或分析性─亦有影響。但相關的研究多針對以英語為母語的英語教師進行調查,少有研究探討英語非母語地區的英語教師,批閱作文時給分是否有異。而且多數的研究探討差異時僅就分數的差異作探討,少有研究探究批閱過程的差異。本研究乃比較14位任教於同一所大學的英語教師的作文批閱行為。為探究批閱過程的差異,參與研究的樣本被要求在批闊的過程中,說出自己的想法意見。研究者予以錄音後,轉為文字資料加以分析。研究結果顯示,批閱作文時所採用的評分模式會造成顯著的差異。但批閱者的背景如年齡、母語背景、專業學門背景等變數則無影響。
One of the major concerns for researchers and test administrators when evaluating composition has been inter-rater reliability because the grading behavior of raters varies. Several studies dealing with raters' grading behavior have found that factors such as age, acadernic discipline, and L1 background affect subject, responses to writing errors. Besides variation among raters, another key factor complicating the issue of grading behavior is the rating scale (holistic or analytic) adopted to evaluate the composition. Although a considerable body of literature exists addressing these issues, most studies have examined raters in ESL contexts, while relatively little has been done to explore raters in EFL contexts other than Japan. In addition, the focus of most studies has been on the product of assessment. The rating process has received much less attention. The purpose of this study was to investigate the degree to which differences exist in both the product and process of L2 composition evaluation by raters in an EFL setting - Taiwan.
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