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Title: 隱性及顯性聚焦形式對第二外語學習者指涉詞閱讀理解之影響
Other Titles: Effects of Implicit and Explicit Focus on Form on EFL Learners’ Anaphor Resolution Performance in Reading
Authors: Ting Fang
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在指涉詞理解中,讀者的注意力及指涉關係之明顯度被視為重要因素。而在英語教學上,隱 (顯) 性聚焦形式亦被使用引導外語學習者的注意力至特定的文法形式。本研究探討隱性及顯性聚焦形式對第二外語學習者閱讀中指涉詞理解之影響,以及聚焦形式、指涉詞、閱讀理解三者交互關係。102位台灣英語學習者參與本研究並接受不同英語指涉詞閱讀情況,包括隱性文本強化及顯性的指涉規則提供。研究者比較受試者的指涉詞關係辨識能力以及他們的文本閱讀理解力,進而得出以下結果:第一、隱性文本強化較顯性的指涉規則幫助學習者理解指涉詞關係。第二,學習者在指涉詞與通篇文本的注意力資源並不衝突,而有相互影響之可能性。論文最後以指涉詞獨特性、聚焦形式、以及學習者之注意力資源討論並提出啟發。
Learner attention and the implicitness/explicitness of the relation between anaphor and its antecedent are known to be crucial in anaphor resolution performance. This reflects the rationale of focus on form in language teaching, applied implicitly or explicitly to direct learners’ attention to specific grammatical form. The present study thus examined effects of implicit and explicit focus on form on L2 learners’ anaphor resolution performance in reading and the relationship among focus on form, anaphors, and reading comprehension, thereby helping to explicate the role of focus on form in L2 learners’ coherence construction in reading literacy and how their attention should be best directed to the targeted form. One hundred and two Taiwan EFL learners underwent four different treatments, including textual enhancement and explicit rule conditions. Participants’ responses were compared with respect to (a) their ability to identify correct English anaphor relations and (b) their reading comprehension degree. The results revealed that implicit, rather than explicit focus on form aided EFL learners’ anaphor resolution performance. Moreover, learners’ attentional resources for meaning and form processing were not competing, but may have been mutually transferable. These findings are discussed in light of the characteristics of anaphors, the effect of focus on form, and learners’ attentional resources with implications.
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