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Title: The Effects of Storytelling on EFL Young Learners' Reading Comprehension and Word Recall
Other Titles: 故事演說對小學生英語閱讀理解及字彙回想的影響
Authors: 黃惠玲
Issue Date: Jan-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究在了解故事演說對小學生英語閱讀理解及字彙回想的影響,以雙碼模式及多重知覺輸入為理論基礎,本研究者預測故事演說的多重輸入模式產生較多的語言輸入因此將成就更好的閱讀理解及字彙回想,其結果應更勝於雙碼模式。為驗證此預測,七十二位國小六年級的學生依程度分成三組進行不同模式的閱讀:控制組閱讀文本,插畫組閱讀附有插畫的文本,實驗組先聽故事演說再閱讀有插畫的文本。故事複述及字彙回想測試則用來檢驗閱讀後之理解與字彙回想程度。實驗結果顯示在閱讀理解方面實驗組優於其他兩組,但在字彙回想的表現則無顯著差異。高程度學生及低程度學生皆因故事演說提升閱讀理解能力,且低程度學生的進步多於高程度學生。本研究建議教師將故事演說應用於閱讀指導。其他研究相關議題如故事演說的長期效應、對語言發展及語料處理的影響則建議做更深入的研究。
This study investigated the effects of contextualized storytelling as a teacher intervention on EFL young readers’ reading comprehension and word recall. Drawing on Dual-Code Model and the multiple sensory approach, it was hypothesized that the multi-sensory approach, by means of storytelling, would be a better intervention than Dual-code Model in EFL reading and word retention. To test the hypothesis, 72 sixth grade students from a public primary school in Taiwan were leveled and grouped into three modes of reading: text-only reading (Group C), illustration-supplemented reading based on Dual-Code Model (Group I), and story listening plus illustrated-text reading (Group S). Story retelling tests and word recall tests were administered to see the performance differences. The results indicated that the study group outperformed the other groups in story retelling though the same effect was not found in word recall. The less proficient learners gained slightly more from this approach than their proficient peers. It was suggested that the teacher might exploit contextualized storytelling to scaffold EFL reading. Issues for further study that looks into the long-term effects of storytelling on vocabulary learning, language development, and text processing are discussed.
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